Saddelsore and a 2nd place

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This weekend i have been racing in Denmark, first up was Fyen rundt UCI 1.2, a race that suits me well and a race where i did a 4th place last year. It was a big morning break that went, 9 guys and non from our team, so we had to work! i had pritty good legs so i got my chanse in the end, 3 riders from the break went all the way to the finish. so we where racing for 4th place, i did try some attacks but i never got any gap, 2 km from the finish we had a pritty bad gravelroad to get over, i love the gravel and felt really good at it, i had a pritty good position after that but could not do better then a 15th place at the sprint and with the 3 guys in front that ment a 18 th place for me that day.13412905_965617176880830_1676586126170154625_n 13435517_1042864755768746_2067594690819301053_n

Sundays race was a hard one, 215 km in the legs, and saddelsore that made me wanna cry made the first houre really hard! the race was 150 km long and was what they call a A-race in Denmark. We where 4 guys from coloquick-cult so we could have some tactic. I saved my self a little for the end and 50 km from the finish i got in a break with Jonas Aaen from Riwal. We where holding on to the end, but i had to see me beten in the sprint behind the fast danish guy. 13403887_10154177811640502_3884463044291212445_o 13415488_10154177813715502_9127070918220971920_o