Scandinavian and a crazy guy

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Well today we where fighting, we did a hard work trying to be the first guys over the line, and in the end we had Aske at 8 th place, not great, not bad, for me i had an okay day, finishing on an anonymous 25 place i think. It was not what i had in mined but when you look back I did my job good untill the last 2 km, then my legs where done. And also so was it again cold wether, so it was back to gabba jacket routine again, with Marcus Johansson kindly reminded me of.

But the fun thing today was this crazy guy, a guy from Latvia, he where starting to scream at one guy in team Ormsalva, i think it was Emil Gabrils? Then out of the blue the Latvian guy just knock the shit out of  Gabrils with his head, Gabrils lose the control of the bike and hitting the ground, i was on the wheel on Gabrils and touching his wheel, i manage to stay upright but it was really close also for me. I hope Gabrils is allright!

Prerace smile
Prerace smile