season have been started for real

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yeah, the season have been started, after some hard hours in the saddle on Mallorca and Calpe I have now started racing, already some up and downs, but i will not go in so hard on that. I have been doing 4 bigger races this year, It started with GP Herning ( post cup), It was a race that i really was looking forward to since last year when i had to crashes, so I wanted revenge. I was doing a alright race, my form was not super good but I was doing some work for my team and finished the race totally dead when my job was done.

photo:  Uggi Kaldan //
photo: Uggi Kaldan //

The next race was an UCI race, Himmerland Rund 1.2, we can say it was an cold race, all the people than was there know, i don`t know how many starters but if we say almost 200, it was only 26 that finished, and guess who was the last guy over the line? yeah me! It was a long day, crosswind, rain, 1 degree and 30 minutes of waiting because no one had an ide witch way we where going and we where going wrong way, anyway the first hour was good, ColoQuick Cult had 4 guys in the 20 man big split, after the first stop tho we lost Alex and Me, so Dennis and Rune was all alone, the race started good but ended bad. I was finishing the race on pure mental strength, maybe idiotic but i could not quit, not the day after i got the news that one amazing man had past away, Jan Karlsson, Ride in Peace!13087377_1014274051961150_8889995230520974937_n (1) 13062051_1108597902526364_3221214020117231341_n (1)

The day after it was GP Viborg 1.2,  this was the race I have been waitning for, I just love racing on gravel, and unlike Herning I was no in good form, the day began like Himimerland, A 20 man group drove away in the crosswind after 10 km, We had 4 guys and i was again in that group, then it was only 190 km to the finish. We lost two guys on the way to the last 50 km, then the group was down to 11 guys and it was up me and Aske to do something good. We where doing a good job but in the finish we was not coming all the way, I was trying to lead out Aske, but it was not enough, we ended up on 8 and 10 place.

I have now just been coming home from Flech du sud with the national team, the first race i was doing without gappa Jacket, I was coming from a 1 degree Denmark to race in 30 degree Luxemburg, it was hard! I had good legs but came out of the race without results, but i know my shape is there and i got some good indicators that i still can do some good climbing to, im not just good at the danish crosswind races, so even tho im dissipoited with the result  feel that my body is starting to get strong.
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Tomorrow its Scandinacian race, My first race in Sweden for the season, it will be super fun to race in sweden with the danish team, we have a strong team and we are here for one thing and one thing only, winning! Im super motivated and tomorrow it will be full gas!